Decking clip (150 pcs.)

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Decking clip (150 pcs.)

Makes the decking construction fasteded while no screws visible. Decking laths are fastened from the bottom side, so they are not directly exposed to different weather conditions.


- elegant look with no visible screws on wooden decking

- longer durability thanks to ventilation gap (made by terrace clip)

- quick and precise assembling thanks to decking clip construction (pin on clip works as spacer)

Minimum decking  thickness: 18 mm

Decking clip dimensions: 82,5x18,5x9 mm 

Pin thickness/height: 4 mm/6 mm

Other dimensions: see enclosed picture, please


Packaging: 150 pcs. + 450 screws 4,0x20 mm + 1 bit

Suitable for cca 4,5 m2

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