Decking screw 5,0x50 mm, C2, brown head, waxed (200 pcs. + bit)

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Decking screw C2 5,0x50 mm, brown head, waxed

Stainless steel C2

Application: fastening of the wooden decking and claddding

                suitable for softwood like spruce, pine, thermowood and larch

                for exotic wood use stainless steel A2 screws

Specific features:

ribbed head - no straps on the decking

waxed, with second thread - very quick installation, less power needed

cutting tip - for quick and very exact screw mounting


Proffesional stainless steel decking screw with CE certification.


Head: Square

Packing: 200 pcs. + 1 pcs. square



Correct length: cca 2x or 2,5x of the wooden decking/cladding, for exact length see the chart below

Stainless steel length Thickness of the wooden decking/cladding
5x40 mm 16-18 mm
5x50 mm 20-22 mm
5x60 mm 24-26 mm
5x70 mm 28-30 mm
5x80 mm 32-34 mm


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