Decking clip HOBBY 100 pcs.

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Terrace clip hobby


Terrace clips (clips for terrace boards) are used for "invisible" fixing of terrace boards. The clips are screwed on the underside and slide under each other. No fasteners (screws) are visible from the top, visible side.

Thanks to its construction, the terrace clip automatically creates an expansion gap during installation - between the terrace boards (4 mm) and between the terrace board and the base prism (9 mm).

Dimensions: 77 x 22 x 9 mm

hole for screws max 5 mm, head max. 9 mm

a 25 mm screw is anchored to the wood approx. 20 mm

the clip is anchored with 2 screws to the terrace board and 1 screw to the supporting grid.


The package contains:

- 100 pcs of terrace clips

Screws not included (suitable diameter 4, 4.5 or 5 mm)



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