Decking clip QUADRO CLIP (100 pcs.), without screws


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Decking clip QUADRO CLIP

Decking clips (clips to fix the decking wood) are used for "invisible" fixing of terrace boards. The clips are screwed in from the underside and slide underneath. No fasteners (stainless steel screws) are visible from the top, visible side.

Due to its design, the terrace clip automatically creates an expansion gap during installation - between the terrace boards (4 mm) and between the terrace board and the subfloor beam (9 mm). The ideal solution for quality installation and long life of your terrace.

The material of the patio clip is made of durable polyamide (PA) with an admixture of glass fibre (30 percent), which ensures strength and stability. The colour of the patio clips is black. The product is very popular, especially because of its ease of installation, quality and durability.

Material: PA6GF30 (100%)

Packing: 100 pcs. of decking clips (without screws)

Origin: EU

Package for cca 6 m2


Suitable clip screws can be found here (suitable diameter 4mm, also 4.5mm possible)


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