Decking screw 4,0 mm, brown, stainless steel C2, waxed (200 pcs. + bit)

Size and packaging:
4x45 mm (200+bit)43 0
4x50 mm (200+bit)5-10 days 0.000
4x60 mm (200+bit)24 1.000
4,5x50 mm (200+bit) 2.000
4,5x60 mm (200+bit)40 4.000
Producer: PGB EUROPE
Warranty: 24 months
EAN: 5410439402958
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23.47 Pkg.
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Decking screw 4,0 mm, brown, waxed, stainless steel C2

Material: stainless steel C2

Suitable for:

  • wooden decking and wooden cladding
  • preferably for european wood species (spruce, pine, thermowood)
  • brown head, excellent visual efect


Specific features of the screw:

  • milling ribs - no splitting
  • cutting point for quick start, fast insatallation
  • C2 stainless steel - high breaking moment, strong screw with corrositon protection (please, note, for exotic wood and maritime/salty enviroment use A2 and A4 stainless steel screws)
  • waxed - for easiest installation
  • TORX 15 - time saving, better power transmission from tool to screw

Proffesional screws with CE certification

Rozmery Terasový vrut

d1:   3,0 mm screw diameter (d2):   3,0 mm l1:   0,6 x length (mm) diameter (d):   4.00 mm
head diameter (dt):   6,0 mm head height (l2):   3,4 mm T:   TORX 15 length:   50 mm


Packed: 200 pcs. +  1 pcs. bit TORX 15

Manufactured by:§


How to choose the optimal lenght of the screw:

length of the screw thickness of the wood (decking, cladding)
40 mm 16 mm
45 mm 18 mm
50 mm 20 mm
60 mm 24 mm
70 mm 28 mm


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