Decking screw 4,0 mm, stainless steel C1 (500 pcs.) Eurotec Terrassotec

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4x50 mm (500)14 42.000
4x60 mm (500)5 52.800
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
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Eurotec terrassotec - decking screw 4,0 mm, stainless steel C1

Material: stainless steel C1

Application of patio screws: screwing of wooden decking and tiles

Directly suitable for: spruce, red spruce/larch, pine


The head design makes the screw ideal for woods with easily separable grain - spruce, pine or red spruce are typical. When the screw is driven into the decking slab, the fibres are pushed under the screw head. When installing (especially thicker boards), we recommend pre-drilling a hole in the patio board using a decking board pre-drilling jig. In one operation, it will not only make a hole in the board but also provide a countersink for perfect and even screw recessing. A professional solution available for everyone.

The design of the patio screw allows for a comfortable installation thanks to its ribbing (lower tightening torque is required). The ribbing under the head ensures that the screw is recessed without cracks and crevices. The screws are up to 50% stronger (torque) compared to other types of stainless steel screws.

You will significantly extend the life of your patio by using spacers.

The countersinking of the stainless steel patio screw is therefore very fast and precise thanks to the tip on the screw.


Head diameter: 5,5 mm

Torx 15

Packing: 500 pcs.

Choosing the appropriate length of the decking screws:

screw length thickness of the wood to be fixed
40 mm 16 mm
45 mm 18 mm
50 mm 20 mm
60 mm 24 mm
70 mm 28 mm