Decking screws 5,0 mm, inox A2, double thread, waxed (200 pcs. + bit)


Size and packaging:
5x50 mm (200+bit)172 0.000
5x60 mm (200+bit)79 2.300
5x70 mm (200+bit)53 7.700
5x80 mm (200+bit)72 16.800
Warranty: 24 months
EAN: 5410439474313
Availability: in stock 376 Pkg.
23.20 excl. VAT
27.84 Pkg.
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Decking screws 5,0 mm, inox A2, double thread, waxed  

Material: stainless steel A2

Suitable for:

  • anchoring of wooden terraces, tiles and facades
  • suitable for exotic, hard and softwoods
  • A4 stainless steel is suitable for pool surrounds


Specific features of the screw:

  • ribbing under the head - anchoring without cracks
  • drill point for fast drilling of the screw
  • milling cutter above the thread diverts chips (speeds up assembly)
  • sliding wax for easier and faster anchoring
  • lower tightening torque required, saves your strength and tools
  • screw drive on TORX 25 - no slippage when screwing
  • greater anchorage strength than conventional A2 bolts

Professional screws with CE certification:

Rozmery Terasový vrut

d1:   3,7 screw diameter (d2):   3,7 l1:   0,6 x dĺžka diameter (d):   5.00
head diameter (dt):   8,0 l2:   3,9 T:   TORX 25 length:   50.00, 60.00, 70.00, 80.00


Packaging: 200 pcs. + 1 pc. bit TORX 25




Choosing the appropriate length of the decking screw:

length of the screw thickness of the wood to be fastened
40 mm 16 mm
45 mm 18 mm
50 mm 20 mm
60 mm 24 mm
70 mm 28 mm


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