Decking screws 5.00 mm, stainless steel C1, (200 pcs.) EUROTEC Hapatec

Size and packaging:
5x90 mm (200)15 0.000
5x100 mm (200)15 5.000
Product code: 111888
EAN: 4250207469193
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
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Price excl. VAT: 30.00
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Hapatec - decking screw 5,0 mm, stainless steel C1

Material: stainless steel C1

Suitable for: decking and cladding from softwood (spuce, pine limited use for thermowood and larch).

10 years experience without corrosion problems with suitable woods. 60% greater breaking torque than A2 and A4 screws.

For exotic wood and chlorionous athmpsphere use stainless steel screws A2 and/or A4.

Head diameter: 7,5 mm

Thread length: 0.6 x total length

Torx 25

Packing: 200 ks 

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