EPDM tape for wood protection - QUADRO TAPE (1x77x20000 mm)


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EPDM tape for wood protection - QUADRO TAPE (1x77x20000 mm)

Terrace tape for wood protection and a longer life of the wooden structure. The installation of the protective belt is greatly facilitated by the adhesive tape. Fast, simple and professional installation that takes into account the requirements of wooden cladding. The terrace tape has increased resistance to tearing, moisture, UV radiation and is frost-resistant (from -30°C to +80°C). Ideal in combination with QUADRO H pads.

QUADRO TAPE terrace tape ensures maximum protection of wood, which makes it a standard part of every terrace or facade construction.

The functionality and lifetime of the tape is significantly higher than that of plastic, polyethylene (PE tape) or polypropylene (PP tape) products at a comparable or even lower price.

Complete protection of the terrace grating can be achieved in combination with QUADRO H spacers and decking pads PLUS.

Excellent adhesion to various (even smooth) surfaces: wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.



Terasová a fasádna páska QUADRO TAPE



  • QUADRO tape is glued to the supporting grid of the terrace or facade


  • protects the wooden batten from moisture, dampens the noise of the step (decking)


  • significantly prolongs the life of the wooden decking


  • suitable for both - wooden and aluminium construction (excellent adhesion)


  • the black colour unifies the colour of the construction (black, the aesthetics of the cladding or decking is not disturbed by the aluminium or wooden beam)





  • Material: EPDM foam, UV stabilized, frost resistant (ecellent durability and function)

  • Colour: black

  • Dimension: 1,0x77x20000 mm

  • Packing: 1 piece

  • Made in EU


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