EUROTEC EiSYS 2 (50 pcs.), adjusting facade screw

Size and packaging:
7,2x198 mm (50)7-14 days 0.000
7,2x218 mm (50)7-14 days 10.000
7,2x238 mm (50)7-14 days 24.000
7,2x258 mm (50)6 37.000
7,2x278 mm (50)5 55.000
7,2x298 mm (50)5 96.000
7,2x318 mm (50)6 131.000
7,2x338 mm (50)7-14 days 166.000
7,2x358 mm (50)7-14 days 220.000
7,2x378 mm (50)7-14 days 237.000
7,2x398 mm (50)7-14 days 294.000
7,2x418 mm (50)7-14 days 331.000
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
Code: EiSYS-2
EAN: 4250207465331
Availability: in stock 22 Pkg.
81.67 excl. VAT
98.00 Pkg.
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EUROTEC EiSYS 2, adjusting facade screw

Material: hardened carbon steel, blue galvanized

• Corrosion resistant
• Suitable for service classes 1 and 2 according to DIN EN 1995 Eurocode 5
• Good resistance to mechanical stress
• Not suitable for timbers containing tannins


Why to use EiSYS2 screws:

• Economical
• Reduced labour costs due to time savings
• Reduction of material costs
• Suitable for new buildings, repairs and renovations
• Suitable for various insulation thicknesses
• Spacing between counter batten and anchor base can easily be set via the adjusting sleeve

EiSYS-2 screw for use with suspended façades.
The German Energy Saving Ordinance (as well as rising energy costs) requires efficient, environmentally sound thermal insulation for all heated buildings and, more recently, cooled buildings. Rear-ventilated rainscreen cladding combines this requirement with the possibility of finishing the building shell with a wide range of materials for aesthetic and/or technical reasons.

The EiSYS-2 screw from Eurotec is a façade/adjusting screw.
This screw is fastened to the building wall with a plug. The freely rotating threaded sleeve at the top of the screw allows the façade‘s substructure to be aligned parallel to the building wall. The advantages are clear: cost savings and reduced assembly times. High loads can be transmitted through the framework screw connections even in the case of larger distances from the building wall. Full design freedom is maintained for the façade.

Packaging: 50 pcs.


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