EUROTEC EiSYS H, adjusting facade screw, stainless steel A4 (50 pcs.)

Size and packaging:
7,2x198 mm (50)7-14 days 0.000
7,2x218 mm (50)7-14 days 17.000
7,2x238 mm (50)7-14 days 29.000
7,2x258 mm (50)7-14 days 46.000
7,2x278 mm (50)7-14 days 62.000
7,2x298 mm (50)7-14 days 71.000
7,2x318 mm (50)7-14 days 78.000
7,2x338 mm (50)7-14 days 84.000
7,2x358 mm (50)7-14 days 89.000
7,2x378 mm (50)7-14 days 96.000
7,2x398 mm (50)7-14 days 102.000
7,2x418 mm (50)7-14 days 117.000
7,2x438 mm (50)7-14 days 143.000
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
Code: EiSYS-H
EAN: 4251314715319
Availability: 7-14 days
238.33 excl. VAT
286.00 Pkg.
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EUROTEC EiSYS H, adjusting facade screw, stainless steel A4 (50 pcs.)

Material: hardened carbon steel, blue galvanized

• Corrosion resistant
• Suitable for service classes 1 and 2 according to DIN EN 1995 Eurocode 5
• Good resistance to mechanical stress
• Suitable for all timbers (also for timbers containing tannins)


This screw is used in façade fastening.
Insulation material thicknesses from 60 mm to 300 mm can be easily processed with the EiSYS-H screw from Eurotec.
The EiSYS-H screw is equipped with a freely rotating adjustment sleeve/adjustment head, which enables the distance between the masonry and the substructure to be adjusted. A hexagonal bit is supplied as an accessory. This is used both for screwing the screw into the substrate and for adjusting the substructure using the adjustment head.

This is how it's done!
The principle of application is as ingenious as it is simple.
Once the insulation has been fitted to the external wall, the counter-batten is pre-drilled to Ø 16 mm to suit the system. Then drill through this hole with Ø 10 mm through the insulation into the substrate to create the drill hole for the plug.
The plug is placed on the adjusting screw and both are inserted together through the counter batten and the insulation into the drilled hole. The EiSYS-H façade/adjustment screw is screwed in completely with the hexagon bit in position 1 until the adjustment head is also seated in the counter batten.
Now simply pull out to position 2 with the hexagon bit and adjust the distance between the masonry and the counter batten.

Size of the screw Thickness of the isolation (max.)
7,2x198 mm 60
7,2x218 mm 80
7,2x238 mm 100
7,2x258 mm 120
7,2x278 mm 140
7,2x298 mm 160
7,2x318 mm 180
7,2x338 mm 200
7,2x358 mm 220
7,2x378 mm 240
7,2x398 mm 260
7,2x418 mm 280
7,2x438 mm 300

Packaging: 50 pcs.

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