Eurotec screw stop - depth limiter for decking screws (1 pc.)


Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
Code: 500000
EAN: 4250207448761
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Eurotec screw stop - depth limiter for decking screws  

The Screw Stop is the ideal solution for driving screws to an even depth into the wood. In this way, your deck will be given an attractive, even surface pattern.

Just adjust the required screwing depth with the infi nitely adjustable depth stopper. When this is reached, the drive uncouples and the screw stops.

No need to start again to adjust the seat of the screw head.

* Incl. TX25 Bit. The bit is locked in place by a lock washer and can be changed by using a pincer.

Packaging: 1 pc.