Hobotec 3,2 mm, steel yellow galvanized (500 pcs.), Eurotec


Size and packaging:
3,2x20 mm (500)8 0
3,2x25 mm (500)7 2.000
3,2x30 mm (500)4 5.000
3,2x35 mm (500)10 7.400
3,2x40 mm (500)12 9.400
3,2x50 mm (500)9 12.400
3,2x60 mm (500)10 21.400
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
Code: 110280
EAN: 4250207409045
Availability: in stock 60 Pkg.
16.00 excl. VAT
19.20 Pkg.
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Eurotec Hobotec 3,2 mm, steel yellow galvanized

Material: steel yellow galvanized

Application: optimal choice for wooden cladding (boards or tongue/groove), carpentry, stairs or joinery

Hobotec screws, with a small, decorative head, are used where there is an increased risk of splitting the wood.

Due to the material used - optimal solution for interior claddings and wooden constructions.


Head: ornamental head for exclusive look


  • No pilot drilling required
  • No cracking or splitting in narrow edge areas
  • No hammering of the screws through TX drive

Torx 10

Packing: 500 pcs.


Quality stainless steel screw in exclusive black finish from wood specialist - fi. Eurotec G.m.b.H.