Mammutec 8,0 mm, stainless steel A4 (50 pcs.), EUROTEC


Size and packaging:
8,0x100 mm (50)8 0.000
8,0x120 mm (50)12 10.000
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
Code: 905575
EAN: 4251314716200
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Mammutec 8,0 mm, stainless steel A4 (50 pcs.), EUROTEC

Material: stainless steel A4

High quality stainless steel wood screw for fixing thick wooden boards up to 60 mm thick.

The screw must be pre-drilled into the wood (drill bit diameter 6 mm). Due to its extreme strength and corrosion resistance, it is also suitable for use around swimming pools.

Suitable for:

  • screwing of wooden terraces, tiles and thick boards to the wooden structure
  • for all types of wood used for terraces and facades
  • suitable for aggressive environments (pools with water treatment by chlorination or sea salt)


  • diameter: 8,0 mm
  • length: 100/120 mm
  • thread length: 60 mm
  • head diameter: 17 mm
  • torx T40
  • wood thickness based on information below


Size: Recommended thickness of wood (terrace or facade)
8,0x100 mm 40 mm
8,0x120 mm 60 mm


Packaging: 50 pcs.

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