PROMO PACK - decking screws with decking pad (200 pcs. + 100 pcs.)

Size and packaging:
5x60 mm (200+bit)40 30.000
5x70 mm (200+bit)30 32.000
PIN 4 mm (100) 0
PIN 7 mm (100) 0
Warranty: 24 months
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25.00 excl. VAT
30.00 Pkg.
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Decking screws with decking pads (200 pcs. + 100 pcs.) PROMO PACK



C2 decking screws

Terrace screws made of hardened C2 stainless steel, which are characterized by hardness and strength. They are the most commonly used terrace screws, and are suitable for wooden terraces made of spruce, red spruce, Siberian larch. They are also often used for thermo wood (such as thermosin or thermojesion).


Material: stainless steel C2

Available sizes in a promotional package: 5x60 or 5x70 mm

Package: 200 pcs. incl. 1 pc. TORX bit TX25


Great value  - PROMO pack with saving over 20%


QUADRO H decking pads

QUADRO H decking pads are a very simple but effective way to significantly extend the life of a wooden decking structure. The pads are placed between the terrace board and the construction prism, thanks to their design they create a ventilation gap between them. The joint does not retain water/moisture, the wood is not only resistant to rot and mold, but more importantly, it can dry out. Therefore, the decking board does not twist, pull or pull stainless steel screws. The pin (PIN) defines the gap between the decking boards with 4 or 7 mm.

Material: PP

Width: 35 mm
Length: 91 mm
Thickness: 4 mm

Pin (PIN): 4 or 7 mm

Package: 100 pcs.

PROMO PACK contains:

decking screws 200 pcs. + decking distance pads 100 pcs.