Sheet metal screws 6,3 mm, bimetal, EUROTEC BiGHTY bimetal

Size and packaging:
6,3x25 mm (500) 0
6,3x32 mm (200) -144.700
6,3x38 mm (200) -133.400
6,3x50 mm (200) -126.900
6,3x63 mm (200) -108.000
6,3x70 mm (200) -97.900
6,3x80 mm (200) -73.500
6,3x120 mm (200) -7.400
6,3x140 mm (200) 25.600
6,3x160 mm (200) 96.900
6,3x180 mm (200) 135.100
6,3x200 mm (200) 189.200
6,3x220 mm (200) 279.400
Producer: EUROTEC
Code: 945889
Availability: 8-10 days
217.00 excl. VAT
260.40 pcs
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Sheet metal screws 6,3 mm, bimetal, EUROTEC BiGHTY bimetal

Material: stainless steel DIN10088/hardened stainless steel (screw), EPDM + stainless steel A2 (washer, diameter 16 mm), hardened carbon steel tip

Application: universal bolt for steel/steel, wood/sheet metal, sheet metal/wood joints

Drilling capacity: 3 mm (thickness of sheet metal to be joined - sum of sheet metal thicknesses when joining sheet metal or sheet metal thickness when embedding in wood)

BIGHTY Bi-Metal combines the high corrosion resistance of A2 stainless steel with the excellent mechanical properties of carbon steel.

Mounting: SW8 

ETA-certified - can also be used on commercial construction sites (cladding of halls, etc.).

Packing: 200/500 pcs according to size.







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