SIHGA TERRASSENFIX® BS Stainless steel countersink (1 pc.)


Producer: SIHGA
Warranty: 24 months
Code: BS535052
EAN: 9009470349825
Availability: 8 - 10 days
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56.40 pcs.
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SIHGA TERRASSENFIX® BS - stainless steel countersink

An indispensable aid for the installation of particularly exotic woods. It pre-drills and mills/adjusts the hole for recessing the screw in one step.

Pre-drilling reduces the assembly time by up to 50%. The stainless steel drill bit will prevent possible black spots (contact rust) that can occur when assembling with non-stainless steel utilities. For the same reason, stainless steel bits are highly recommended for assembly.

Length and diameter of the drill: 5,0x25 mm (suitable for the screws with diameter of 5,0 mm)

Material: stainless steel C2

Packaging: 1 piece