Adjustable screw for wood, countersunk head (50/100 pcs.)

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Size and packaging:
6x70 mm (100)28 12.100
6x80 mm (100)35 13.400
6x90 mm (100)35 13.800
6x100 mm (100)36 14.300
6x110 mm (50)21 10.600
6x120 mm (50)43 10.900
6x130 mm (50)26 11.200
6x145 mm (50)28 12.100
6x160 mm (50)30 13.700
Producer: PGB EUROPE
Warranty: 24 months
Code: SM0ASF0010600
EAN: 5902134710075
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Adjustable screw for wood

Material: hardened steel, white galvanized Cr3+

Application: leveling of wooden joints (f.e. under wooden cladding...)

In the first step, it is necessary to screw the whole adjusting screw against the wood (grate + base). Subsequently, due to the "blind" thread, the upper battens are pulled away from the substrate during retraction. In this simple way, it is possible to align the wooden grate accurately and quickly without increased effort.

Anchoring depth: 50 mm

Adjusting range of the screw = length of the screw - 50 mm - thickness of the material to be fastened e.g. for a screw length of 120 mm, the setting range is up to 50 mm with a material thickness of 20 mm (120 - 50 - 20 = 50 mm)

The countersinking of the adjusting screw is very fast and accurate thanks to the notch on the screw. A special sliding wax ensures a reduction in screwing torque.

Packaging: 100 pcs. or 50 pcs. (up to screw length)

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