Decking pad PREMIUM 4x80x40 mm (90 pcs.)

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Terrace pads PREMIUM 4x80x30 mm (90 pcs.)

It is easiest and most effective way how to significantly extend the life of the wooden structure of the wooden decking.

Works not only as a moisture stopper, but, at the same time, you increase the comfort of using your terrace. Must have part of all wooden decking with underlay from concrete or concrete blocks.

Material: recycled rubber + 10 % EPDM 

Size: 80x40 mm

Thickness: 4 mm


  • underlay for any wooden construction
  • protects the terrace board from moisture (shape stability of wood)
  • reducing vibrations and noise 
  • extending durability of wooden decking


Specific features:

  • 100% recyclable
  • higher load than average pads
  • temperature resistance -35 až +100°C
  • resistant to water, steam, weather conditions, acids (limited), bases and saline enviroment
  • meets requirements of  VDI 2700 - resistance against pressure, DIN EN ISO 1798
  • stacking up to 40 mm
  • size: 80 x 40 mm, thickness: 4 mm


Packaging: 90 pcs. 


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