Decking pads 80x30 mm


Decking pads available in thickess: 3,4,5 and 8 mm

Size and packaging:
80x30x3 mm (100)226 0.000
80x30x4 mm (100)261 0.400
80x30x5 mm (80)107 0.800
80x30x8 mm (60)51 1.200
Producer: quadrofixing
Code: PAD8030v2
EAN: 8588008601419
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15.60 Pkg.
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Decking pads PLUS 

Decking pads under the wooden structure of the wooden terrace. The rubber pad is placed on the concrete. The pad cushions, insulates and protects the decking structure against water, moisture and thus prolongs the life of the decking structure. An essential accessory for terraces when placing the wooden beams on concrete or concrete tiles. A popular dimension for its variability of placement. The material is having higher density, load bearin is certified.


Suitable for: underlayer/dumping/insulation for decking and other wooden construction

                prevents wood against moisture (esp. if wood in contact with concrete or tiles)

                increasing the user comfort of decking

                rapidly extends lifetime of the decking


Material: recycled rubber granulate with higher density, black

Size: 80 x 30 mm, thickness: 3/4/5/8 mm


Height Pcs. in package Distance between pads Usage for m2  1 package for:
3 mm 100 pcs. 40-60 cm 5-6 pcs. 16-20 m2
4 mm 100 pcs. 40-60 cm 5-6 pcs. 16-20 m2
5 mm 80 pcs. 40-60 cm 5-6  pcs. 13-16 m2
8 mm  60 pcs. 40-60 cm 5-6 pcs. 10-12 m2