Decking pads - KORK - 3x70x70 mm (40 pcs.)

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Decking pads - KORK - 3x70x70 mm (40 pcs.)

It is a very high quality and effective way to significantly extend the life of the wooden structure of the terrace. At the same time, you increase the comfort of using your terrace. Almost a necessary addition to any wooden terrace whose grating is placed on concrete/concrete blocks.

Cork is a natural alternative to rubber pads. It does not contain PAC - plasticizers, which are however added to rubber products - and these are potentially carcinogenic !

It protects the environment and is 100% recyclable. Cork is rot and mould resistant, resistant to most acids and alkalis, non-absorbent, resists moisture.

Cork is hardly flammable (tr. B2).

Material: Cork

Application: subflooring of wooden structures (terraces/facades, wooden buildings)

protects wood against moisture (contact between concrete and wood)

for terraces, dampens step noise

prolongs the lifetime of the wooden structure

Consumption: approx. 5-6 pcs/m2 of the terrace (if the pads are also used to level the unevenness of the substrate, the consumption is proportionally higher)

Packing: 40 pcs

Size: 70x70 mm

Thickness: 3 mm


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