Fix pedestal 8 mm for paving, rubber (1 pc.)

Producer: DDP
Warranty: 24 months
Code: GUM8
EAN: 8588008601631
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Fix pedestal 8 mm for paving, rubber (1 pc.)

It is used for dry paving/concrete paving. The targets can be stacked on top of each other. Allows for ventilation of the terrace and drainage of rainwater or moisture.

Resistant to UV rays and high/low temperatures. Pavers are not laid directly on the waterproofing, preventing damage to the substrate.

The target is made of softened rubber, dampens walking noise.


Very suitable product also for renovation of balconies or apartment buildings. No special tools are required to fit the tiles. Quick and very easy installation.

Just level the height and place the paving on the targets.


Target height: 8 mm

Height of the demarcation pins: 7 mm

Gap thickness: 3 mm

Packing: 1 piece



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