HAPAX FIXING PRO C2 - decking clips (100 pcs.) 28-40 mm

Producer: HAPAX
Warranty: 24 months
Code: C2 28-40
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HAPAX FIXING PRO C2 (100 pcs.), 28-40 mm

Hidden fastening system for wooden decking of thickness 28-40 mm


The invisible fastening system, Hapax FIXING PRO, is the reference among the fastening systems for wooden terraces. This innovative system is recommended by the majority of professionals because of quality and durability. Moreover, Hapax FIXING PRO is completely invisible, aesthetic and, above all, quick to use.


Thanks to a thickness of 13 mm, there is excellent ventilation between the decking board and the beams of the terrace, that is the main reason of long decking durability and stability.


Hapax FIXING PRO is the only system that can be flexibly and universally used thanks to the 3 separate zones, for decking boards with a width of 90 to 200 mm and a thickness of 28 to 40 mm.


In addition, it is possible to replace one faulty plank without having to dismantle the entire terrace. Hapax FIXING PRO C2 is supplied together with stainless steel  C2 screws.  

Hapax FIXING PRO with stainless steel C2 screws (AISI 410) | HAP010C00FIXPRO3

100 pcs. of FIXING PRO connectors

300 pcs. of stainless steel C2 screws 5,5x35 mm

Suitable for wooden decking of width 90-200 mm and  thickness 28-40 mm.
For installation in swimming pools or near the coast we strongly reccomend Hapax FIXING PRO A4 (A4 stainless screws used due to more aggresive enviroment).

Coverage depends on decking width (per box/package):   140 mm 1 set = 6 m2
                                                                                                             120 mm 1 set = 5 m2
                                                                                                               90 mm 1 set = 4 m2

Installation guide below (video):


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