Decking clip Eurotec KEHL- for rounded groove (100 pcs.)

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Decking clip Eurotec KEHL - for rounded groove (100 pcs.)


Decking clip (clips to the terrace boards) are used for "invisible" fixing of the terrace boards. The Eurotec KEHL deck clip is specially developed for patio boards with a rounded groove. By screwing in the stainless steel screw, the clip opens and fixes the terrace board. The joint is strong and at the same time allows the wood to dilate according to the environmental conditions.

Material: PP-C (polypropylene copolymer)

Clip size: 45 x 27 x 19.8 mm

Eurotec Terrasotec 4,0x40 mm stainless steel screws are always included.


Package includes:

- 100 patio clips + 100 Eurotec Terrasotec 4,0x40 mm stainless steel screws