Eurotec Ecklasche - corner connector (1 pc.)



Size and packaging:
Eurotec Ecklasche M 250x120x15 mm (1)10 0.000
Eurotec Ecklasche L 330x120x15 mm (1)6 6.000
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
Code: 975673
EAN: 4064827045312
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36.00 pcs.
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Eurotec Ecklasche - corner connector

Material: aluminium, EN-AW 6063-T66 (AlMgSi0,5)

Innovative solution to increase the stiffness of the joists. Eliminates wooden struts thus increasing the usability of the built-up space. Works well with beam connectors (Eurotec MAGNUS, Eurotec ATLAS) or with Eurotec IdeeFix.

Application: Wooden beams connnection for high rigidity. The timber joints can be hidden on an invisible part of the structure (upper, non-visible part). The construction is not only extremely rigid, it is also free of interfering fasteners. The construction is solid, but without visible winding wooden elements, it gives a luxurious impression.

Thanks to its construction, it replaces the physically, time-consuming and material-intensive re-screwing of wood. It resists tensile and shear forces. Minimally weakens the wood. Easy and quick to install.

The beam corner connector can be used for sheds, gazebos, carports or other wooden constructions.



Packing: 1 pc. (1 pc. = Ecklasche connector + 8 pcs. screws for mounting the connector)