Eurotec EckTec - special edge connector for wood (1 pc.)


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Eurotec EckTec - special fixings for wood

Material: aluminium - for outdoor use (EN-AW 6063-T66, AlMgSi0,5)

Application: joining beams or wooden beams. Very simple replacement for classic wood joints (angles, etc.) but much smaller and more elegant thanks to its compact (100x50x50 mm) dimensions. The EckTeck coupling can also be used to remove struts from the structure (e.g. for gazebos or shelters - the work is much simpler and, in addition, the floor height of the structure is increased).

Thanks to its design, it replaces the physically, time and material-intensive re-screwing of timber. The simple fitting can also be prepared in advance, which significantly reduces the time of the actual assembly on site.

The EckTec coupling can be used in the assembly of sheds, gazebos as well as in more demanding constructions. Ideal for precision work with timber - often used with KVH timbers or glued (BSH) timbers.



Dimension of EckTec: 100x50x50 mm

Package: 1 pc. including  all mounting screws

Screws for 1 pc. EckTec:

- TX20 4.0 x 40/24 mm (2 pcs.)

- TX40 8 x 95 mm (3 pcs.)

- TX40 8 x 155 mm (3 pcs.)