Eurotec IdeeFix - special fixings for wood (1 pc.)

Size and packaging:
IdeeFix 30 - 1 pc.45 0.000
IdeeFix 40 - 1 pc.21 6.000
IdeeFix 50 - 1 pc.14 22.000
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
Code: 945390
EAN: 4250207427612
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26.00 Pkg.
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IdeeFix - wood fastener, hidden wood joint

Material: galvanised steel

Application: joining beams or wooden beams. IdeeFix together with a screw/threaded rod (not included, choose according to the thickness of the joining beams) creates a high-strength joint. At the same time, the joint can be hidden or secured from the side that is not visible, thus creating a very aesthetic joint without the need for additional modification of the joint location.

Thanks to its construction, it replaces the physically, time and material-intensive re-screwing of wood. Resists tensile and shear forces. Minimally weakens the wood. Easy and quick to apply (drill hole, insert IdeeFix coupling, screw in).

IdeeFix can be used individually (shelters, gazebos or car ports) or in series for large-scale amenity buildings (swimming pools, churches, sports halls, observation towers).

When installing, designing or replacing an existing joint, we can add information on the application method and also add information on the possible maximum load. We will be happy to complete the information at

Installation procedure:


Packing: 1 pcs. (1 pcs. = coupling + 8 pcs. of the screws)


Threaded bolt not included, diameter of the threaded rod up to connector type:

IdeeFix 30 - M12

IdeeFix 40 - M16

IdeeFix 50 - M20