Terrace distance pad HAPAX D-PRO (100 pcs.)


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Terrace distance pad HAPAX D-PRO (100 pcs.)

A first-class solution of the highest quality for flawless installation of terrace boards. We recommend it for the most demanding conditions (swimming pools, hard and exotic woods, requirements for long life of the terrace).

Massive, solid construction. When installed with stainless steel screws, it creates a ventilation gap between the terrace board and the construction wood. At the same time, it makes the space between the terrace boards in a width of 4/5/6 or 7 mm. You determine the width of the gap during the actual assembly by turning the installation pin.

Distance pad thickness: 8 mm

Distance pad dimensions: 100x40x8 mm

With this simple element, you will significantly extend the life of your wooden decking. Excess moisture will not be maintained between the wooden parts of the terrace.

The spacer increases the stability and durability of your terrace. The raised points on the underside reduce the area that the mat rests on the wood. The optimal solution for professional installation and long life of the terrace.

Significantly reduces the twisting of the decking boards.

Packaging: 100 pcs. + 20 pcs. of installation pins

Consumption: 1 package for approx. 4-6 m2



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