Terrace distance pad QUADRO GF (100 pcs.)

Gap between decking boards:
Pin 4 mm (spacer) 0.000
Pin 7 mm (spacer) 0.000
EAN: 8588008601815
16.00 excl. VAT
19.20 Bal.
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Terrace distance pads QUADRO GF


Decking distance pads are a very simple but effective way to significantly extend the life of the wooden structure of the terrace. The pads are placed between the terrace board and the structural prism, thanks to their construction they create a ventilation gap between them. Water / moisture does not stick to the joint, the wood not only resists rot and mold - but mainly can dry out. Therefore, the decking board does not twist, pull out or tear out the stainless steel screws.

At the same time, thanks to the integrated pin, it creates an even spacing when mounting the terrace board. There is no need to use other spacers. This speed up assembly. Your terrace will last longer at a minimum investment per m2.


  • ventilation gap between the terrace board and the structural prism
  • protects the terrace board from moisture (shape stability of wood)
  • reduces pressure on stainless steel screws (wood does not pull them out)
  • reducing vibrations and noise in the construction
  • prolongs the life of wooden structures

Specific features of distance pads:

  • 100% recyclable 
  • frost resistant, UV stabilized
  • resistant to water, steam, weather conditions, acids (limited), bases and saline enviroment
  • consumption cca 16 pcs./m2 (cca 6,2 m2/package)
  • size: 84 x 25 mm, thickness: 6 mm


A first-class solution of the highest quality for professional installation of terrace boards. We recommend it for the most demanding conditions (like swimming pools, hard and exotic woods, extra requirements for long life of the decking).

When installed with stainless steel screws, it creates a ventilation gap between the decking board and the construction prism. At the same time, it defines the gap between the decking boards in width 4 (for stable wooden species and up to approx. 90 mm width) or 7 mm (standard solution).

Thickness: 6 mm 

Size: 84x25 mm

The optimal solution for professional installation and durability of the decking. Significantly reduces the twisting of the decking boards.

Packing: 100 pcs.

Consumption: 1 package for cca 6,2 m2


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