Terrace distance pad QUADRO GF (100 pcs.)


Gap between decking boards:
Pin 4 mm (spacer)568 0.000
Pin 7 mm (spacer)545 0.000
Warranty: 24 months
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Terrace distance pads QUADRO GF


There is a superb pad to maximize durabiltiy of the wooden decking. Distance pads become over the year a ,,must have,, part of the construction. In one operation it is possible to create ventilation gap between wooden decking and sub-construction. Thanks to integrated spacer distance pads creating an even space between decking boards. No additional spacer needed. 

Because of using the decking distance pads QUADRO GF - there is reduced twisting of the boards. On the other hand - by creating the gap between the board and the construction wood - tearing of the screw is reduced to maximum. Therefore we practically see extended durability of the whole decking construction. 

Another benefit of distance pad QUADRO GF is reduced construction time. No spacers needed, spacer will never fall under the construction. still on the right place. With combination with EPDM tape for the wood - there will be an even, black colored gap between the decking boards - with ultimate functionality, durability  and famous look.


  • ventilation gap between the decking board and the beam
  • protects the decking from moisture (high stability of wood)
  • reduces shear pressure on stainless steel screws (no broken screws)
  • reducing vibrations and noise in the construction
  • increasing the durability of wooden decking

Specific features of distance pads:

  • 100% recyclable 
  • frost resistant, UV stabilized
  • resistant to water, steam, weather conditions, acids (limited), bases and saline enviroment
  • consumption cca 16 pcs./m2 (cca 6,2 m2/package)
  • size: 84 x 25 mm, thickness: 6 mm


Thickness: 6 mm 

Size: 84x25 mm

Material: PA6 GF30 (polyamid with 30% share of glass fibres)

The optimal solution for professional construction and durability of the wooden decking. Significantly reduces the twisting of the decking boards.

Packing: 100 pcs.

Consumption: 1 package for cca 6,2 m2