Decking pad - Eurotec Dista-Leiste 2.0


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Producer: EUROTEC
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Decking pad- Eurotec Dista-Leiste 2.0

The decking pad from Eurotec Germany (Dista-leiste) is another way to ensure ventilation of the decking boards, another way to increase durability of the wooden terrace.

The Eurotec Dista-Leiste 2.0 is fixed to the supporting prism with stainless steel screws. For one piece of Dista-Leiste, 5 screws with a diameter of 4 mm are needed. The shape of the holes in Dista-Leiste is designed for Terrassotec screws 4x40 mm.

Dimension: 30 x 700 x 7 mm

Material: polypropylene (PP)

Packing: 1 piece

It is possible to buy stainless steel screws in a pack of 5 pcs. for one rail.



  • ventilation gap between the decking and the structural prism
  • protects the terrace board against moisture (dimensional stability of the wood)
  • reduces the pressure on the stainless steel screws (the wood does not tear them out)
  • absorbing vibrations and noise
  • prolongs the durability of the wooden structure
  • for all wood species, the basis for a quality installation of any terrace (installation with stainless steel screws)

Specific features of the patio pad:

  • 100% recyclable, enriched plastic
  • frost-resistant, UV stabilized material
  • resistant to water, steam, weather conditions, weak acids and alkalis, salt solutions
  • dimensions : 30 x 700 mm, thickness : 7 mm




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