Construction screw, flange head, white zinc 8,0 mm (50 pcs.)

Size and packaging:
8x80 mm (50+bit)7 - 14 days 0.000
8x100 mm (50+bit)7 - 14 days 2.000
8x120 mm (50+bit)12 4.000
8x140 mm (50+bit)4 6.000
8x160 mm (50+bit)7 8.000
8x180 mm (50+bit)5 10.000
Producer: PGB EUROPE
Warranty: 24 months
EAN: 5410439317337
Availability: in stock 28 Pkg.
9.00 excl. VAT
10.80 Pkg.
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Construction screw, flange head, white zinc 8,0 mm

Material: haredened steel, white zinc plated


  • screwing of wooden materials
  • universal screw for wooden constructions, used especially on highly stressed joints


Specific features of the screw:

  • drill point for fast drilling of the screw
  • milling ribs above the thread diverts chips (speeds up assembly)
  • screw drive on TORX 40 - no slippage when screwing


Professional screw with EU certificate:

Konstrukčné skrutky quadrofixing


head diameter (dt):   22 mm d2:   5.9 mm T:   TORX 40 diameter (d):   8.00 mm


Package: 50 pcs. + bit torx 40