Eurotec SawTec - construction screw, blue zinc ( 50 pcs.)


Size and packaging:
8x100 mm (50 pcs.)8 -10 days 0.000
8x120 mm (50 pcs.)13 3.000
8x140 mm (50 pcs.)3 7.000
8x160 mm (50 pcs.)1 9.000
8x180 mm (50 pcs.)7 12.000
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
Code: 954145
EAN: 4251314723154
Availability: in stock 24 Pkg.
15.00 excl. VAT
18.00 Pkg.
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Eurotec SawTec - construction screw, blue zinc

Material: blue zinc plated

Professional screw for joining wooden structures. The head of the screw is specially developed for smooth recessing into the wood, the stepped head prevents splitting of the wood fibres (clean joint). The diameter of the head is only 18 mm but due to its design it increases the strength of the joint in the wood. It combines the advantages of plate and countersunk head screws.

Notch on the screw tip for faster screwing. Slip wax for more comfortable working and less effort when screwing.

Ideal for use on KVH or BSH wood constructions. All-thread screws are also used for professional constructions made of CLT panels or larger timber constructions (timber houses).


Professional screw with ETA certificate.


Packing: 50 pcs.

Torx T40