Eurotec MAGNUS XS - timber connector for beam joints

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Magnus XS - 30x30x9 mm (1 pair)8 -10 days 0.000
Producer: EUROTEC
Warranty: 24 months
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Eurotec MAGNUS XS - timber connector for beam joints

Eurotec Magnus XS is used for joining wooden beams. The couplings can be milled into the wood to create an "invisible" joint. Thanks to the locking screws Eurotec Magnus transfers the load in the structure in all directions.

Magnus couplings significantly shorten the work on the actual construction. Thanks to the precision of the fitting, the assembly of the beams on site is considerably shortened (saving labour costs). The risk of the fastener not fitting correctly in the structure is also reduced. Beams prepared in this way, especially on large construction sites, can be stacked in a similar way to prefabricated components.

Material: aluminium

Minimum beam dimensions (width x height):

Main beam: 40x40 mm

secondary beam: 50x40 mm

Packing: 1 pair/1 joint (including screws)


Example of Eurotec Magnus installation here:

MAGNUS H (mm) W (mm) D (mm)
XS 30 30 9

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