Frame dowel 8.0 mm, stainless steel A4, countersunk head, Torx (100 pcs.)


Size and packaging:
8x80 mm (100)7 57.600
8x100 mm (100)6 72.000
8x120 mm (50)7 39.800
8x140 mm (50)1 46.000
Producer: PGB EUROPE
Warranty: 24 months
Code: FD08A4
EAN: 5902134212814
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39.80 Pkg.
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Frame plug, stainless steel A4, countersunk head

Material: frame plug/nylon PA6, screw/stainless steel A4


Used mostly for: fixing of wooden laths

                              optimal solution when wooden subconstruction have to be fixed (for rear ventilated cladiings)

Frame dowels made of stainless steel A4 are suitable for stressed conditions (humidity, aggresive condtions incl. marine enviroment). Unlike galvanized dowels, there is no risk of contact corrosion, which may lead to degradation of the wooden construction.

Suitable for: brick, perforated brick, aerated brick, concrete

High quality frame plug with CE certificate for profesional use.

Size in mm


Pre-drilled hole (d0)

in mm

Diameter of the screw 

(ds) in mm

Effective depth 

(hef) in mm

Height of fixed material (tfix) in mm

Length (l)

in mm

Depth of pre-drilled hole (h1) in mm

Lemgth pf the screw (ls) in mm

8x80 10 7 70 10 80 90 87
8x100 10 7 70 30 100 110 107
8x120 10 7 70 50 120 130 127
8x140 10 7 70 70 140 150 147

Packed: 100 pcs./box